Friday, November 12, 2010

GrandmaGrizzlyPAC Teams Up w/ Americans for Prosperity!

Marv and I like to be active politically. We have been volunteering locally ever since Obamacare ravaged our healthcare system into something straight outta Havana. And the Sharia thing.

 To: AZ Americans For Prosperity
From : Marv & Betsy McCoochey
Hi there--
Any chance you could use a volunteer? My husband Marv and I am retired and looking to help in the elections...
Kind regards,
Betsy Mac

From: AZ Americans for Prosperity
To: Marv & Betsy McCoochey

YES, you can sign up for our Freedom Phone program and other volunteer opportunities at
 To: AZ Americans For Prosperity

From : Marv & Betsy McCoochey
Hi, Phil--
Thanks for the swift reply! I wasn't sure if I was the only one up so late on the computer! Better to be working on the elections than just watching Price is Right on the DVR.
I also wanted to write to you to see if we could formulate a unified strategy for what to do about what is happening in our cities and suburbs. 
Just recently I was driving Marv's Buick to the Shop n' Save and there was something called "Chipotle" where the podiatrist and Precious Moments authorized retailer used to be. 
I wasn't sure what a "Chipotle" was until I got closer and smelled the tortiya or whatever it is that the narco-terrorists call their bread wafting though the parking lot. Carnitas and maiz...It was like Apocalypto in the strip mall, but without the black-robed Jesuits canoeing in to save everyone in the end. All that was missing were human sacrifices being performed in front of the Dollar Dayz!  I bet even the lettuce was picked by mexicans!
When is this madness going to stop? When will our leaders grow spines and build the danged fence already? Marv and I never let Taco Bell bother us because it's technically not mexican, but this "Chipotle" nonsense was something else! Two kinds of beans!
And to think we already had to avoid the Caribou Coffee because it is owned by the Islamics! What kind of country are we in that we have to wear full-body armor just to leave your house for a quick lunch? "I'll have a tall cappuccino, HOLD THE YELLOW-CAKE URANIUM, ABDUL!"
                                          Photo: Mexican Muslims Cover for Allah in a Double Snuggie
I have been making phone calls locally, but I don't feel like we are moving the dial enough! Have you seen the polling numbers? What is our National Strategy for Immigration and mexicans? Is there anything else I can do to help?
First they came for the jet-skiers, and farm jobs, but I said nothing....well, I'm SPEAKING OUT NOW, for AMERICA!
Kind Regards,