Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Into the BELLY of the Beast! Betsy McCoochey Does NYC!!!

After a 17-hour drive, Marv and I pulled the van intro the "Big Apple" just in time to stop at the famous Katz' Deli and get some sandwiches before we had to get the van washed and waxed for the big Ground Zero Mosque parade.

This protest/parade/celebration of traditional American values will shine some light on the current situation of Muslims building an Islamic Swimming Pool, Community Center, and Sharia Peoples' Court on the penthouse floor of the new Freedoms Tower. Originally, the project had been stalled by PATRIOTS and lack of funding, but it turns out that they applied for some of that 9-11 emergency workers money that the Democrat congress pushed through at the 11th hour, right before America Spoke Out and took back our country from Healthcares and decriminalizing Gays in the Military. So we are in town to "pull the plug" on the Mohammed-ers' plans to PUBLICLY FUND the danged Mosque. AND to meet the ingenue of the Anti-Muslim brigade, Pamela Geller!

So even if CHANGE is not coming to New York, it is, at least, coming to the rest of AMERICA. Most exciting is that Pamela  is headlining the Freedoms Parade. Will she wear that gold bodysuit she flaunts on her website? Marv sure hopes so!

UPDATE: For all of you who have written to me personally with an email in the past few days, please excuse my tardy reply. I was very busy with all of this internet nonsense and I threw out my hip again. I was hopped up on premarin and vicodins (now I know how Cindy McCain felt! High as a kite!) Marv changed the passwords on the Aol but that didnt stop me from ordering $3,200 worth of Thomas Kinkades with the chargecard. So I will get to all of you with a personal reply. And THANK YOU for all the magazine subscriptions!

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Road to Freedom Begins with a Single Step

After the double-hip-replacement and stomach stapling, I was laid up for MONTHS and could only evangelize and get informed via the Internet. (Anyone who knows me credits that time of thoughtful reflection with getting me SUPER ORNERY about a host of  issues our country is facing. THANK YOU INTERNET) Lucky for me, THE WORLD'S BEST MEDICAL SYSTEM gave me percocets 3x a day and the WORLDS BEST CULTURE provided not only endless Price is Right 's but the MODERN TECHNOLOGY to search and record them, with almost no effort except having Duwayne fly in to set the programming on the Comcast. (And poor dear Marv still refuses to cook but he brought home Chik-fil-A three times a day, Praise the Lord.) ANYONE who says we need to change anything about our country just needs to look at those marvels and stop hating America. If I was born in England, my convalescence would have looked MUCH different, if I had even been allowed to live to this ripe age AT ALL.

I did meet many lovely people in that time, through the many conservative Listervs I am on. Here is a lovely friend, a fellow senior fired up for action and ending socialism, from Wake County, North Carolina:
From: Northern Wake County GOP Club on June 30
To: Mrs. Marvin McCoochey
***FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE*** Henion for House Announces New Addition to the Campaign Staff. Donna Williams to Serve as Campaign Manager for Steve Henion for House. RALEIGH, NC 
Steve Henion, candidate for North Carolina House of Representatives District 34, is pleased to announce the addition of Donna Williams to the Henion for House staff as Campaign Manager."We are very excited that after the primary to now be able to have Donna on board," said Steve Henion. 
From: Mrs. Marvin McCoochey
To: Northern Wake County GOP Club
July 1, 2010
RE: Henion campaign fundraiser!!!!???
Donna--Congratulations! That is really something. Just like you can't keep your swine-water out in the hot July sun--you can't keep a good conservative woman away from gettin' out the vote, either! THANK YOU SARAH PALIN! She awared women of the powers of fighting tyranny.
I am healing from a major hip replacement surgery but as soon as I can drive again I would LOVE to volunteer some time for the Henion campaign. I will ask my ladies' group to pass a collection plate at the next meet-up for yard signs and buttons and printed flyers to hand out.
I have my niece coming up from a "Peace Corps" -type trip where she was digging holes for some darkies in some awful mexican hell-hole in Ecuador but I would love to give her a taste of Real America and have her help make phone calls or make copies or something over there in the office with me. She leans left but I'm not done with her yet and Marv ain't even got started! Seems like you can't let kids leave the sanctity of the home/church community and go to college and other countries anymore! They come back talking nonsense about "Privatizing gains and socializing risk". We'll give her a taste of our Judeo-Christian Reaganomics! (A bit less "Judeo-" anything and a bit more "Christian" in my opinion but you have to be careful what you say nowadays.)
I'm sure you're extra-busy now but I would love it if you could pass on some of my pet issues to Mr. Henion to pray on:
1.     High Taxes!!!1!!!
2.     Our God-given right to bear arms being threatened daily by people who WANT CRIMINALS and HOMOSEXUALS TO RUN FREE (ACORN)
3.     Puerto-Ricans 
4.     The state of the Post Office
5.     The Islamic influence in our schools
6.     Voter Fraud
7.     Freedoms
I am PRAYING nightly for the Henion campaign to raise a lot of money to root out the oppression of our democracy and way of life that started in November 2008! Conservatism is making a comeback in North Carolina!
Best Wishes for a SUCCESSFUL Campaign ! Please do let me know what I can do from home in the meantime...

Betsy Mac

From: Northern Wake County GOP Club on July 8, 2010
To: Mrs. Marvin McCoochey

 RE: Henion campaign fundraiser!!!!???
Betsy - 
Thank you for the email! Hope you are healing! Are you able to make some phone calls from home?
Donna Williams 

To: Northern Wake County GOP Club on July 12, 2010
From:  Mrs. Marvin McCoochey
RE: Henion campaign fundraiser!!!!???
Hi Donna--
YES. I can make calls from home. It gives me something to do until I can get fully mobile again. Well, besides imprecatory prayer against our Usurper-In-Chief B. Hussein, and also the US Postal Service--they delivered my FreedomWand in a box that had been crushed on two ends. Luckily, the wand was only scratched and not too badly damaged, so it's just as well. Can't wait to have full mobility--and reach! You have no idea how embarrassing it is to have some minimum-wage ACORN Guadalupe wipe my honor-regions! 
I will get on those calls this evening or the next. Just please give me script or something--I have never done political calls before. 
Yours Truly--
Betsy Mac

From: Northern Wake County GOP Club on July 13, 2010
To: Mrs. Marvin McCoochey 
 RE: Henion campaign fundraiser!!!!???
Betsy - well BLESS you! Give me a day or 2 - we are in the middle of re-organizing - I will get back with you and YES, would love to have you help us!! Thanks you.
Donna Williams

LOOK OUT Democrats! Donna Williams and Betsy McCoochey are on the warpath....for America! Join us @ 

Sunday, November 14, 2010


At Starke County High School, I was not only Homecoming Queen and Hall Monitor but also married to Marv from the day I turned 16. I spent the next several decades as a home-maker and volunteer at the ChristBlood Mainline Baptist Ministry, even running their Imprecatory Prayer Group from 1950 all the way through to 1989, when I had to quit because the gout kept me from running fast enough to tackle the dizzy trollops scurrying past the barrier into the Planned Parenthood to get their whoredoms scoured out from their wombs like they were just mucking out the chicken coop.

With  such a breadth of life experience, other worshippers at our church often come to me with questions about life, family, the Constitution -- you name it.  So you can say I'm accustomed to spreading my Conservative Christian Wisdom!

But these past few days, for some reason, I have been drowning in the e-mail like hog biscuits in gravy! Reams of emails in my aol folder! Much of it from assorted Christ- and America-haters. But so much of it CRYING out for some Christian Love & Compassion.

Let's answer the call of  my neighbors, friends, and Biblically-prescribed enemies THIRSTING to have Grandma Grizzly's pertinent opinions spread over their fallow minds like a powerful fertilizer.

A fellow named "Rob Jansen" writes:

I came across your website recently and while I may disagree with your views I'm confused about something you wrote in your short bio.

Hmmm. Sounds fey and defensive. May be a homosexual. I plop a fresh squirt of Purell on my hands and Lysol the keyboard, just in case. He continues:

You say that you are "Trained in Voter LOOK OUT ACORN, Black Panthers and Homosexuals!!".
What I'd like to have clarified is if you are looking out specifically for homosexuals who are committing voter fraud or you believe that all homosexuals commit voter fraud?
If it's specifically homosexuals, are you not also looking out for regular straight white people committing voter fraud as well? I know you don't list them but are you looking out?
If you think all homosexuals commit voter fraud, what evidence do you have that suggests they commit voter fraud more than other people?

Yep.This fellow must either be a fruitcake himself, or must be somehow sympathetic to their cause. I misted my face and eyes with Lysol to burn away any of the AIDS that could have come through the wires, and steel myself as I prepare to do battle for this man's very soul.

Dear Rob,

You sound sympathetic to the Gay Cause. Normally., sympathy is a good thing. Like, you can be sympathetic towards poor people -- if they are in countries other than America, because THEY cannot help it, since they live in socialist servitude --or you can sympathize with the people behind you in the long line at the Jiffy Lube. But -- if you look at the word "sympathetic" you will see, hidden in plain sight, is the word "pathetic," which is how the Baby Jesus sees men who put their peters in places they were NEVER intended to visit. Satan is a fabulous deceiver, and often hides terrible concepts in seemingly innocuous words so as to entrap those that are weak minded and liberal. (Look at the word "environMENTAL" for another example.) So you may THINK that you are helping those filthy rump rimmers get some supposed "marriage equality" but you are really acting as an agent of the Devil himself, who wants to use seemingly reasonable concepts like "equality" for "all" to undo life as we know it.

Just as a house built on sand (see Matthew 7:24-27 just to read exactly what the hell I am talking about here) cannot stand, a vote that is built on the underlying lie that is a carpet-munchingly erotic lifestyle cannot withstand the windshear of the LIEberal media  and our culture's myriad ungodly temptations. See, if you are swimming in the fruitcake fondue, then WHAT OTHER types of agendas could get a toe-hold in your life? Communism? Hitler? DOES THAT ANSWER IT FOR YOU? NO? OKAY! Here is more:

Yes, I am TRAINED to spot gays AND voter fraud. NO! they are NOT ALWAYS the same. Sometimes, someone who isn't morally hobbled by peter-on-peter lusts commits voter fraud as well. (Usually blacks.) BUT all gay votes -- according to both the Holy Bible and the Constitution -- are fraudulent because the gay existence itself is fraudulent and unworthy of treatment equal to those who walk in the light of the Lord. ANY give on that is a slippery slope, leading straight into Satan's fiery bunghole.

As far as evidence of gay voter fraud, REMEMBER WHAT JESUS SAID in the Sermon on the Mount: "The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence."

Yours in Christ,

Grandma Grizzly

Burning question? Drop me a line!

Friday, November 12, 2010

UPDATE: Erika Winchester is NOT My Niece

************************************************UPDATE: TURNS OUT THIS WOMAN IS NOT MY NIECE. I HAVE POOR EYESIGHT AND SHE TALKS *EXACTLY* LIKE MY DARLA DOES WHEN SHE GETS ORNERY...HENCE THE CONFUSION. APOLOGIES TO THE INTERNET. BUT WHOEVER THIS WOMAN IS, WHO *WOULDN'T* REACT THIS WAY IF SOME DANGED ACORN LACKEY DIDN'T DO HIS JOB! *************** Apparently Marv ordered up the pizzas and the asian men who wore skirts and eyeliner himself for something called a "rainbow party" and blamed "the internet" when I came home from the Shop n' Save early. 

GrandmaGrizzlyPAC Teams Up w/ Americans for Prosperity!

Marv and I like to be active politically. We have been volunteering locally ever since Obamacare ravaged our healthcare system into something straight outta Havana. And the Sharia thing.

 To: AZ Americans For Prosperity
From : Marv & Betsy McCoochey
Hi there--
Any chance you could use a volunteer? My husband Marv and I am retired and looking to help in the elections...
Kind regards,
Betsy Mac

From: AZ Americans for Prosperity
To: Marv & Betsy McCoochey

YES, you can sign up for our Freedom Phone program and other volunteer opportunities at
 To: AZ Americans For Prosperity

From : Marv & Betsy McCoochey
Hi, Phil--
Thanks for the swift reply! I wasn't sure if I was the only one up so late on the computer! Better to be working on the elections than just watching Price is Right on the DVR.
I also wanted to write to you to see if we could formulate a unified strategy for what to do about what is happening in our cities and suburbs. 
Just recently I was driving Marv's Buick to the Shop n' Save and there was something called "Chipotle" where the podiatrist and Precious Moments authorized retailer used to be. 
I wasn't sure what a "Chipotle" was until I got closer and smelled the tortiya or whatever it is that the narco-terrorists call their bread wafting though the parking lot. Carnitas and maiz...It was like Apocalypto in the strip mall, but without the black-robed Jesuits canoeing in to save everyone in the end. All that was missing were human sacrifices being performed in front of the Dollar Dayz!  I bet even the lettuce was picked by mexicans!
When is this madness going to stop? When will our leaders grow spines and build the danged fence already? Marv and I never let Taco Bell bother us because it's technically not mexican, but this "Chipotle" nonsense was something else! Two kinds of beans!
And to think we already had to avoid the Caribou Coffee because it is owned by the Islamics! What kind of country are we in that we have to wear full-body armor just to leave your house for a quick lunch? "I'll have a tall cappuccino, HOLD THE YELLOW-CAKE URANIUM, ABDUL!"
                                          Photo: Mexican Muslims Cover for Allah in a Double Snuggie
I have been making phone calls locally, but I don't feel like we are moving the dial enough! Have you seen the polling numbers? What is our National Strategy for Immigration and mexicans? Is there anything else I can do to help?
First they came for the jet-skiers, and farm jobs, but I said nothing....well, I'm SPEAKING OUT NOW, for AMERICA!
Kind Regards,

Action Alert! The Movie THEY Don't Want You to SEE!!

Readers, Patriots (I know, same thing!)
I just received this in my inbox:

Well, count me in!

This movie will shake the foundations of oursocialized homocracy to the core. The first lady in the trailer is an especially credible messenger---yep--I am totally sure that the Planned Parenthood was poking holes in condoms! No doubt whatsoever that is a real, true thing. That woman is an amazing speaker--I think I saw her give a talk at an anti-FEMA detention camp rally in the spring. 

Of course, Marv and I have been standing strong in the face of abortions, the gay agenda, and even NObama'splan to merge our currency with the Peso

Which reminds me, I am opposed to *all abortions*, even in cases of rape-ing and whatnot. But if my granddaughter came home swooning over some brown Rodrigo fellow,  I would send her marching straight to Planned Parenthood no matter how un-Godly the place is! 

Better a few sins to confess on Sunday than a bunch of flithy little Pedros running around going "Arriba! Arriba!" and knocking over the Precious Moments! 

Over my dead-and-raptured body will we have any anchor babies in this family! Not for the past 78 years since my parents came from Ireland! But that doesn't count because if the Lord didn't want America to be White, He wouldn't have invented smallpox. Or blankets. 

Please do let me now how I can help--I will most definitely whip up a batch of my famous fetus cookies. They come in different sizes. We can sell the blastocyst bites for 50 cents a pop and the preemie-crisps for a dollar, with all the proceeds going to Richard Burr'ssenate campaign. They were a hit at the last March for Life--we raised $213 for our ex-gay outreach camping weekend. 

Best Wishes (and see you soon!)

Betsy Mac

ps: I can't wait to repeal all this "healthcare" nonsense! Who do these people think they are? The only TRUE healthcare comes from Christ! 

Marv Writes to Sen. David Vitter

My husband Marv is also getting in on this political activism. Here is a letter he sent to our friend, Louisiana Senator David Vitter:

Hello Senator-
Well if this isn't turning out to be an interesting election season! We have got to keep hitting them where it hurts -- this "Obamacare" nonsense, all these damn tax increases, the widespread pedaling of abortions and fruits and vegetables in our schools. If the Founding Fathers wanted everyone to be able to afford chemo it would have been put into the Constitution!!! And I don't remember any flaming homosexuals teaching schoolchildren how to put a condom on a banana at the Last Supper!

Even though those things threaten our very way of life, that's not why I am writing to you today. I know you have been accused of paying whores to do sinful things to you. Bizarre things. But I also know that you are a Christian, like myself and my wife, and you have confessed and cried and made things right your family. I picture you falling to your knees and begging the Baby Jesus to forgive you for your transgressions and wickedness. That vision makes me feel at peace now with supporting you to represent Louisiana in the United States Senate.
None of us is perfect-- just saved! We have all fallen from grace!
The important thing is to get back up, dust yourself off, and get back to fighting against the the devious, homoerotic, liberal agenda. Satan is quite the schemer, and tests our will with lust and temptation and deceit, but together, we support each other to be "in the world" and not become "of the world"...
I understand that, besides the incontinence issues which force you into diapers on occasion, your general health is fine and you are fit to keep up the fight against the sad economic and moral decline our nation faces under NObama and his LIEberal puerto rican sharia cohorts. In a world where "tyranny" and "tranny" are only one letter apart – and both are shaking the foundations of this Good and Christian Nation -- we need YOU to keep up a sturdy bastion against the winds of this homo-nazi "change." We must carve out a place in this world for what is pure and good for our children, and our childrens' childrens.
Please let me know if you need an energetic couple of volunteers! Together, we can stop this filth and smut and sin from overtaking this Great Nation.
Best of Luck in November!
Marv McCoochey
PS: I would be most appreciative if you you could pass on the telephone number for the "contact" you have that referred you to those ladies you met with. I am conducting my own research on these matters and talking to those women directly would be most helpful.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dusky Character Attacks My Niece, Good People Get Blamed

************************************************UPDATE: THIS WOMAN IS NOT MY NIECE. I HAVE POOR EYESIGHT AND SHE TALKS *EXACTLY* LIKE MY NIECE DARLA DOES WHEN SHE GETS ORNERY...HENCE THE CONFUSION. APOLOGIES TO THE INTERNET *************** Apparently Marv ordered the pizzas and the asian men who wore skirts and eyeliner for something called a "rainbow party" and blamed "the internet" when I came home from the Shop n' Save early. 


Recently, you may have seen an internet video of my niece (now I'm afraid to say her name) having a discussion with a postal carrier of unknown origins. It makes me think of when Trent Lott said that if we had elected segregationist Strom Thurmond as president back in 1918 then "we wouldn't have had all these problems".

Now, I'm not racist. nobody in my family is. But doesn't this just drive Lott's point home?

THIS kind of treatment from GOVERNMENT (socialist) minions is exactly why conservatives are driven to blow off steam by forwarding .jpgs of watermelons growing on the White House lawn.

If good people still had their FREEDOMS like before November 2008, you wouldn't see otherwise normal people DRIVEN TO THE EDGE by reverse racism, socialism, and healthcares.

The questions NOBODY has asked is: Is this supposed postal worker actually a muslin terrorist from Africa? The accent sounds suspect.

let me know what you think...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Grandma GrizzlyPAC is LIVE! It's time to SET our AGENDA!!! Look-out LIEberals, and welfare queens!

After much hard work and not less than five(5) strategy/prayer breakfasts at the Sizzler (all "official"  tax-deductable expenses, God Bless America!) we have finally narrowed down our cornucopia of grievances to a list sharp as Marv's hog-knife!  Amen! Dear Fellow Constitutional Conservative: May we present, our Official Objectives for the GrandmaGrizzlyPAC. In the next two years, we will:

1. EXPAND Don't Ask Don't Tell to ALL sectors of the Government AND the Private Sector as well. We like to stay out of telling businesses what to do, except where Biblically mandated. Expanding DADT to all areas of commerce will help return us to Constitution-Era America and it's common-sense FREEDOMS. This will, in turn,  usher in an era of our economy ROARING BACK TO LIFE of course. So we are not RETREATING, WE ARE RELOADING!!!

2. END welfare, END WELFARE QUEENS. End of story. Now that we have most of congress, we will immediately seek to shut off the valve of public tax money that gushes hard-earned dollars into ACORN and Chicago like a holstein on hormones. America's "urban" population has been milking Bessie without petroluem jelly and now the public teat is udderly chafed and bloated to tarnation. THIS IS A METAPHOR.

3. REPEAL HEALTHCARE. I don't recall seeing "universal-coverage" on the menu at the Last Supper. Not that I was there! (I'm old but not as old as the Bible, even though before the double-hip-replacement it sure felt like it!) The constitution is silent on matters of tumors and pre-existing conditions and recission. Repealing this danged HEALTHCARES our last hope before Obama enacts a one-child policy like red china and we are all enslaved as Michelle Obama's bicep-polishers.

When your politicians are crowing about the latest ridiculously fancy economic theory or about how our country is a complex modern hodgepodge of diverse groups and interests, remind them that the FOUNDING FATHERS didn't write no danged Cap n' Trade tax into the Bill of Rights. Bring your gun, if need be. The 2nd Amendment is still standing, in spite of NOBama's attempts to repeal it.