Sunday, November 14, 2010


At Starke County High School, I was not only Homecoming Queen and Hall Monitor but also married to Marv from the day I turned 16. I spent the next several decades as a home-maker and volunteer at the ChristBlood Mainline Baptist Ministry, even running their Imprecatory Prayer Group from 1950 all the way through to 1989, when I had to quit because the gout kept me from running fast enough to tackle the dizzy trollops scurrying past the barrier into the Planned Parenthood to get their whoredoms scoured out from their wombs like they were just mucking out the chicken coop.

With  such a breadth of life experience, other worshippers at our church often come to me with questions about life, family, the Constitution -- you name it.  So you can say I'm accustomed to spreading my Conservative Christian Wisdom!

But these past few days, for some reason, I have been drowning in the e-mail like hog biscuits in gravy! Reams of emails in my aol folder! Much of it from assorted Christ- and America-haters. But so much of it CRYING out for some Christian Love & Compassion.

Let's answer the call of  my neighbors, friends, and Biblically-prescribed enemies THIRSTING to have Grandma Grizzly's pertinent opinions spread over their fallow minds like a powerful fertilizer.

A fellow named "Rob Jansen" writes:

I came across your website recently and while I may disagree with your views I'm confused about something you wrote in your short bio.

Hmmm. Sounds fey and defensive. May be a homosexual. I plop a fresh squirt of Purell on my hands and Lysol the keyboard, just in case. He continues:

You say that you are "Trained in Voter LOOK OUT ACORN, Black Panthers and Homosexuals!!".
What I'd like to have clarified is if you are looking out specifically for homosexuals who are committing voter fraud or you believe that all homosexuals commit voter fraud?
If it's specifically homosexuals, are you not also looking out for regular straight white people committing voter fraud as well? I know you don't list them but are you looking out?
If you think all homosexuals commit voter fraud, what evidence do you have that suggests they commit voter fraud more than other people?

Yep.This fellow must either be a fruitcake himself, or must be somehow sympathetic to their cause. I misted my face and eyes with Lysol to burn away any of the AIDS that could have come through the wires, and steel myself as I prepare to do battle for this man's very soul.

Dear Rob,

You sound sympathetic to the Gay Cause. Normally., sympathy is a good thing. Like, you can be sympathetic towards poor people -- if they are in countries other than America, because THEY cannot help it, since they live in socialist servitude --or you can sympathize with the people behind you in the long line at the Jiffy Lube. But -- if you look at the word "sympathetic" you will see, hidden in plain sight, is the word "pathetic," which is how the Baby Jesus sees men who put their peters in places they were NEVER intended to visit. Satan is a fabulous deceiver, and often hides terrible concepts in seemingly innocuous words so as to entrap those that are weak minded and liberal. (Look at the word "environMENTAL" for another example.) So you may THINK that you are helping those filthy rump rimmers get some supposed "marriage equality" but you are really acting as an agent of the Devil himself, who wants to use seemingly reasonable concepts like "equality" for "all" to undo life as we know it.

Just as a house built on sand (see Matthew 7:24-27 just to read exactly what the hell I am talking about here) cannot stand, a vote that is built on the underlying lie that is a carpet-munchingly erotic lifestyle cannot withstand the windshear of the LIEberal media  and our culture's myriad ungodly temptations. See, if you are swimming in the fruitcake fondue, then WHAT OTHER types of agendas could get a toe-hold in your life? Communism? Hitler? DOES THAT ANSWER IT FOR YOU? NO? OKAY! Here is more:

Yes, I am TRAINED to spot gays AND voter fraud. NO! they are NOT ALWAYS the same. Sometimes, someone who isn't morally hobbled by peter-on-peter lusts commits voter fraud as well. (Usually blacks.) BUT all gay votes -- according to both the Holy Bible and the Constitution -- are fraudulent because the gay existence itself is fraudulent and unworthy of treatment equal to those who walk in the light of the Lord. ANY give on that is a slippery slope, leading straight into Satan's fiery bunghole.

As far as evidence of gay voter fraud, REMEMBER WHAT JESUS SAID in the Sermon on the Mount: "The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence."

Yours in Christ,

Grandma Grizzly

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