Friday, November 12, 2010

Marv Writes to Sen. David Vitter

My husband Marv is also getting in on this political activism. Here is a letter he sent to our friend, Louisiana Senator David Vitter:

Hello Senator-
Well if this isn't turning out to be an interesting election season! We have got to keep hitting them where it hurts -- this "Obamacare" nonsense, all these damn tax increases, the widespread pedaling of abortions and fruits and vegetables in our schools. If the Founding Fathers wanted everyone to be able to afford chemo it would have been put into the Constitution!!! And I don't remember any flaming homosexuals teaching schoolchildren how to put a condom on a banana at the Last Supper!

Even though those things threaten our very way of life, that's not why I am writing to you today. I know you have been accused of paying whores to do sinful things to you. Bizarre things. But I also know that you are a Christian, like myself and my wife, and you have confessed and cried and made things right your family. I picture you falling to your knees and begging the Baby Jesus to forgive you for your transgressions and wickedness. That vision makes me feel at peace now with supporting you to represent Louisiana in the United States Senate.
None of us is perfect-- just saved! We have all fallen from grace!
The important thing is to get back up, dust yourself off, and get back to fighting against the the devious, homoerotic, liberal agenda. Satan is quite the schemer, and tests our will with lust and temptation and deceit, but together, we support each other to be "in the world" and not become "of the world"...
I understand that, besides the incontinence issues which force you into diapers on occasion, your general health is fine and you are fit to keep up the fight against the sad economic and moral decline our nation faces under NObama and his LIEberal puerto rican sharia cohorts. In a world where "tyranny" and "tranny" are only one letter apart – and both are shaking the foundations of this Good and Christian Nation -- we need YOU to keep up a sturdy bastion against the winds of this homo-nazi "change." We must carve out a place in this world for what is pure and good for our children, and our childrens' childrens.
Please let me know if you need an energetic couple of volunteers! Together, we can stop this filth and smut and sin from overtaking this Great Nation.
Best of Luck in November!
Marv McCoochey
PS: I would be most appreciative if you you could pass on the telephone number for the "contact" you have that referred you to those ladies you met with. I am conducting my own research on these matters and talking to those women directly would be most helpful.