Saturday, November 6, 2010

Grandma GrizzlyPAC is LIVE! It's time to SET our AGENDA!!! Look-out LIEberals, and welfare queens!

After much hard work and not less than five(5) strategy/prayer breakfasts at the Sizzler (all "official"  tax-deductable expenses, God Bless America!) we have finally narrowed down our cornucopia of grievances to a list sharp as Marv's hog-knife!  Amen! Dear Fellow Constitutional Conservative: May we present, our Official Objectives for the GrandmaGrizzlyPAC. In the next two years, we will:

1. EXPAND Don't Ask Don't Tell to ALL sectors of the Government AND the Private Sector as well. We like to stay out of telling businesses what to do, except where Biblically mandated. Expanding DADT to all areas of commerce will help return us to Constitution-Era America and it's common-sense FREEDOMS. This will, in turn,  usher in an era of our economy ROARING BACK TO LIFE of course. So we are not RETREATING, WE ARE RELOADING!!!

2. END welfare, END WELFARE QUEENS. End of story. Now that we have most of congress, we will immediately seek to shut off the valve of public tax money that gushes hard-earned dollars into ACORN and Chicago like a holstein on hormones. America's "urban" population has been milking Bessie without petroluem jelly and now the public teat is udderly chafed and bloated to tarnation. THIS IS A METAPHOR.

3. REPEAL HEALTHCARE. I don't recall seeing "universal-coverage" on the menu at the Last Supper. Not that I was there! (I'm old but not as old as the Bible, even though before the double-hip-replacement it sure felt like it!) The constitution is silent on matters of tumors and pre-existing conditions and recission. Repealing this danged HEALTHCARES our last hope before Obama enacts a one-child policy like red china and we are all enslaved as Michelle Obama's bicep-polishers.

When your politicians are crowing about the latest ridiculously fancy economic theory or about how our country is a complex modern hodgepodge of diverse groups and interests, remind them that the FOUNDING FATHERS didn't write no danged Cap n' Trade tax into the Bill of Rights. Bring your gun, if need be. The 2nd Amendment is still standing, in spite of NOBama's attempts to repeal it.