Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Into the BELLY of the Beast! Betsy McCoochey Does NYC!!!

After a 17-hour drive, Marv and I pulled the van intro the "Big Apple" just in time to stop at the famous Katz' Deli and get some sandwiches before we had to get the van washed and waxed for the big Ground Zero Mosque parade.

This protest/parade/celebration of traditional American values will shine some light on the current situation of Muslims building an Islamic Swimming Pool, Community Center, and Sharia Peoples' Court on the penthouse floor of the new Freedoms Tower. Originally, the project had been stalled by PATRIOTS and lack of funding, but it turns out that they applied for some of that 9-11 emergency workers money that the Democrat congress pushed through at the 11th hour, right before America Spoke Out and took back our country from Healthcares and decriminalizing Gays in the Military. So we are in town to "pull the plug" on the Mohammed-ers' plans to PUBLICLY FUND the danged Mosque. AND to meet the ingenue of the Anti-Muslim brigade, Pamela Geller!

So even if CHANGE is not coming to New York, it is, at least, coming to the rest of AMERICA. Most exciting is that Pamela  is headlining the Freedoms Parade. Will she wear that gold bodysuit she flaunts on her website? Marv sure hopes so!

UPDATE: For all of you who have written to me personally with an email in the past few days, please excuse my tardy reply. I was very busy with all of this internet nonsense and I threw out my hip again. I was hopped up on premarin and vicodins (now I know how Cindy McCain felt! High as a kite!) Marv changed the passwords on the Aol but that didnt stop me from ordering $3,200 worth of Thomas Kinkades with the chargecard. So I will get to all of you with a personal reply. And THANK YOU for all the magazine subscriptions!