Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hello Fellow Conservatives!

Welcome to my Blog on the internet. I am Mrs. Marvin (Elizabeth) McCoochey. (Call me Betsy!) I am a proud Tea Party Republican, involved locally and nationally (thanks to the internet) in all sorts of conservative causes. This blog is how I keep in touch with my family, friends, and fellow travelers on the march back to Constitution-Era America.

This blog is also where I RAISE HELL about to homo-Islamicization of the USA! So look out liberals, jihadis, welfare queens, and "pro-regulation" Obamabots!

Feel free to drop me a line sometime! Or join and donate to Grandma Grizzly PAC, America's new center for Conservative Activism, Grandma Betsy McCoochey-style!

GrandmaGrizzlyPAC has the ear (electronically speaking) of America's Top Conservatives...we will regularly post our correspondence with them here. So check back regularly!