Friday, November 12, 2010

Action Alert! The Movie THEY Don't Want You to SEE!!

Readers, Patriots (I know, same thing!)
I just received this in my inbox:

Well, count me in!

This movie will shake the foundations of oursocialized homocracy to the core. The first lady in the trailer is an especially credible messenger---yep--I am totally sure that the Planned Parenthood was poking holes in condoms! No doubt whatsoever that is a real, true thing. That woman is an amazing speaker--I think I saw her give a talk at an anti-FEMA detention camp rally in the spring. 

Of course, Marv and I have been standing strong in the face of abortions, the gay agenda, and even NObama'splan to merge our currency with the Peso

Which reminds me, I am opposed to *all abortions*, even in cases of rape-ing and whatnot. But if my granddaughter came home swooning over some brown Rodrigo fellow,  I would send her marching straight to Planned Parenthood no matter how un-Godly the place is! 

Better a few sins to confess on Sunday than a bunch of flithy little Pedros running around going "Arriba! Arriba!" and knocking over the Precious Moments! 

Over my dead-and-raptured body will we have any anchor babies in this family! Not for the past 78 years since my parents came from Ireland! But that doesn't count because if the Lord didn't want America to be White, He wouldn't have invented smallpox. Or blankets. 

Please do let me now how I can help--I will most definitely whip up a batch of my famous fetus cookies. They come in different sizes. We can sell the blastocyst bites for 50 cents a pop and the preemie-crisps for a dollar, with all the proceeds going to Richard Burr'ssenate campaign. They were a hit at the last March for Life--we raised $213 for our ex-gay outreach camping weekend. 

Best Wishes (and see you soon!)

Betsy Mac

ps: I can't wait to repeal all this "healthcare" nonsense! Who do these people think they are? The only TRUE healthcare comes from Christ!