Monday, November 15, 2010

The Road to Freedom Begins with a Single Step

After the double-hip-replacement and stomach stapling, I was laid up for MONTHS and could only evangelize and get informed via the Internet. (Anyone who knows me credits that time of thoughtful reflection with getting me SUPER ORNERY about a host of  issues our country is facing. THANK YOU INTERNET) Lucky for me, THE WORLD'S BEST MEDICAL SYSTEM gave me percocets 3x a day and the WORLDS BEST CULTURE provided not only endless Price is Right 's but the MODERN TECHNOLOGY to search and record them, with almost no effort except having Duwayne fly in to set the programming on the Comcast. (And poor dear Marv still refuses to cook but he brought home Chik-fil-A three times a day, Praise the Lord.) ANYONE who says we need to change anything about our country just needs to look at those marvels and stop hating America. If I was born in England, my convalescence would have looked MUCH different, if I had even been allowed to live to this ripe age AT ALL.

I did meet many lovely people in that time, through the many conservative Listervs I am on. Here is a lovely friend, a fellow senior fired up for action and ending socialism, from Wake County, North Carolina:
From: Northern Wake County GOP Club on June 30
To: Mrs. Marvin McCoochey
***FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE*** Henion for House Announces New Addition to the Campaign Staff. Donna Williams to Serve as Campaign Manager for Steve Henion for House. RALEIGH, NC 
Steve Henion, candidate for North Carolina House of Representatives District 34, is pleased to announce the addition of Donna Williams to the Henion for House staff as Campaign Manager."We are very excited that after the primary to now be able to have Donna on board," said Steve Henion. 
From: Mrs. Marvin McCoochey
To: Northern Wake County GOP Club
July 1, 2010
RE: Henion campaign fundraiser!!!!???
Donna--Congratulations! That is really something. Just like you can't keep your swine-water out in the hot July sun--you can't keep a good conservative woman away from gettin' out the vote, either! THANK YOU SARAH PALIN! She awared women of the powers of fighting tyranny.
I am healing from a major hip replacement surgery but as soon as I can drive again I would LOVE to volunteer some time for the Henion campaign. I will ask my ladies' group to pass a collection plate at the next meet-up for yard signs and buttons and printed flyers to hand out.
I have my niece coming up from a "Peace Corps" -type trip where she was digging holes for some darkies in some awful mexican hell-hole in Ecuador but I would love to give her a taste of Real America and have her help make phone calls or make copies or something over there in the office with me. She leans left but I'm not done with her yet and Marv ain't even got started! Seems like you can't let kids leave the sanctity of the home/church community and go to college and other countries anymore! They come back talking nonsense about "Privatizing gains and socializing risk". We'll give her a taste of our Judeo-Christian Reaganomics! (A bit less "Judeo-" anything and a bit more "Christian" in my opinion but you have to be careful what you say nowadays.)
I'm sure you're extra-busy now but I would love it if you could pass on some of my pet issues to Mr. Henion to pray on:
1.     High Taxes!!!1!!!
2.     Our God-given right to bear arms being threatened daily by people who WANT CRIMINALS and HOMOSEXUALS TO RUN FREE (ACORN)
3.     Puerto-Ricans 
4.     The state of the Post Office
5.     The Islamic influence in our schools
6.     Voter Fraud
7.     Freedoms
I am PRAYING nightly for the Henion campaign to raise a lot of money to root out the oppression of our democracy and way of life that started in November 2008! Conservatism is making a comeback in North Carolina!
Best Wishes for a SUCCESSFUL Campaign ! Please do let me know what I can do from home in the meantime...

Betsy Mac

From: Northern Wake County GOP Club on July 8, 2010
To: Mrs. Marvin McCoochey

 RE: Henion campaign fundraiser!!!!???
Betsy - 
Thank you for the email! Hope you are healing! Are you able to make some phone calls from home?
Donna Williams 

To: Northern Wake County GOP Club on July 12, 2010
From:  Mrs. Marvin McCoochey
RE: Henion campaign fundraiser!!!!???
Hi Donna--
YES. I can make calls from home. It gives me something to do until I can get fully mobile again. Well, besides imprecatory prayer against our Usurper-In-Chief B. Hussein, and also the US Postal Service--they delivered my FreedomWand in a box that had been crushed on two ends. Luckily, the wand was only scratched and not too badly damaged, so it's just as well. Can't wait to have full mobility--and reach! You have no idea how embarrassing it is to have some minimum-wage ACORN Guadalupe wipe my honor-regions! 
I will get on those calls this evening or the next. Just please give me script or something--I have never done political calls before. 
Yours Truly--
Betsy Mac

From: Northern Wake County GOP Club on July 13, 2010
To: Mrs. Marvin McCoochey 
 RE: Henion campaign fundraiser!!!!???
Betsy - well BLESS you! Give me a day or 2 - we are in the middle of re-organizing - I will get back with you and YES, would love to have you help us!! Thanks you.
Donna Williams

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